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Santas #1 Gift for Athletes

You've seen the posts and now you are wondering what is Santas secret?! Here you go!

Santa wants his athletes to grow and learn this year, this way they can give back and help others in the same way. He's noticing an area that athletes aren't giving much attention to...what it is?


Santa knows, just like himself, that athletes need to fuel up before a big game (or for Santas sake, a big night!). But when they don't know what to fuel up on or when to fuel up exactly, their performance may not last as long or be as exceptional.

Santas #1 gift this year for athletes is working with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on their nutrition. Engaging athletes to work in nutritious foods while also fueling their body for their sport and for growth can be a game changer- literally!

Here are some things an athlete will learn with Emily's Sports Nutrition Packages:

  • What nutrients are going to keep their body growing properly

  • How to help prevent and heal from injuries

  • Meal planning around school, practice, and games

  • Nutrients to ensure they eat as certain times of the day and examples

  • Experimenting with pre- and post-workout foods

  • Accountability and self-discipline

  • Basic nutrition knowledge for life!

Emily offers sports packages because nutrition isn't a one-time deal. It takes time to make changes, to learn what works for the body, and to know how you can make small changes when you get bored. Nutrition is a science, and sports nutrition is even more complex to help prevent disease, injury, or other medical conditions that could affect not just the sport, but growth and body functions.

So take this Christmas to encourage your athlete enhance their performance in a way that will last a lifetime!

Packages all include a 60-minute session and an e-Resource booklet.

  • On-the-Go package; 3, 15-minute follow-up sessions

  • Beginner package; 3, 30-minute follow-up sessions

  • Skilled package (the most popular!); 5, 30-minute follow-up sessions, individualized e-Resource packet and 1 week meal guide, group support

  • Elite package; 7, 30-minute follow-up sessions, individualized e-Resource packet, 1 week meal guide, group support, between session guidance and review

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