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Santa wants to share his #1 gift for athletes this Christmas! 

Athletes priorities are to excell in their performance and win their competition and what could be missing for them to get to that is their nutrition. 

When athletes take the time to focus on their nutrition, they learn to fuel their body not just for their sport, but for an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Check out the packages below and request yours today!

Request Santa's Gift Idea!

Your gift has been reserved! Check your email in the next 3 days to finalize your gift!


All packages have a 60-minute initial session

and an e-Resource Booklet

On-the-Go                                    $223

The basics in a short amount of time.

3, 15-minute sessions

Beginner                                      $428

Overall knowledge of nutrition for sport and goal setting.  3, 30-minute sessions

Skilled                                           $647

The most popular, provides educational topics each session, meal planning. 5, 30-minute sessions. 

Elite                                               $982

Spread out over numerous months to get you excelling in your nutrition, gaining in-depth knowledge for meal planning, and close support. 7, 30-minute sessions. 

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